companyS.C. KnifeSol S.r.l. is a sales company established in Bucharest, Romania.

KnifeSol collaborates with production partners that are long-term leading enterprises specialized in the production of machine knives & tools.

Our partners are fully private-owned, with modern facilities, covering an area of 175600 m2 with over 1000 employees.

We have many years of experience in materials’s technology as well as in the issues that occur in cutting lines.

We are able to provide every type of knives and blades.

For the circular knife our maximum outer diameter is of 1400 mm. For straight blades the maximum length is 5,8 m.

KnifeSol materials are obtained from: conventional melting process + ESR re-melting process (Electro Slag Remelting).

The forging and heat treatments operations are performed in the same workshop to provide quality and repeatability of quality.

Our ability is to offer you the best experience in giving you the best solution.
We are your Knife Solution.