Circular slitter knives

KnifeSol’s special feature that sets us apart from our competitors is that all our circular knives are made from the finest quality alloy steel, starting with ESR pre-materials.
The ESR re-melting process improves the features of materials. The material’s structure is free of segregation and the inclusions content is significantly reduced. The ESR re-melted material also displays a more uniform distribution of carbides in the matrix; therefore mechanical properties are superior, allowing an improved durability of the knives.
The ESR re-melted pre-material, combined with a special homogenization annealing treatment and forging operation with excellent deformation, elevates the characteristics and quality of the knives, ensuring an extended service life.

selected basic standard technology is the best basic choice for knives’ life and differs from the competitors products’ quality, since they mostly use only conventional melted materials with a view to increase profit. For your information: the material obtained from conventional melting process contains higher grade of segregations and higher grade of non-metallic inclusions, easily dectectable on micrographs. These imperfections are located on the knives’ perimeter, right where the material structure must be perfect in order to avoid fractures due to imperfections of the material. We distinguish ourselves from others since we offer a better basic quality. Finally, all forging and heat treatment operations are performed in the same factory that produces knives. We are able to meet all types of plant processing characteristics and customer needs.

KnifeSol circular knives are made only from round bars, to ensure the proper and best natural structure for the circular knives.

KnifeSol slitter knives are custom made. One of our strengths is the production of circular knives with a maximum outer diameter of 1400 mm.